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Photoshoot by Clear shot studio

Thanks for viewing my blog...if u have any question feel free to ask...have a nice day

Hair done and styled by me (Tqueen hair salon)

Makeup done by Isoken

outfit made by Bim luv collection (she's on facebook or IG) material "Taffeta", I gave her the idea of what I actually want my outfit to look like

Photoshoot by Clearshot studio

I didn't realized how much I wore jessica simpson shoes in most of my shoots #facecovered but its very comfortable....U can purchase it from Macy's store



On my way to church....someone gave me this pair of shoes 2years ago as a gift...I wore it for the first time this Sunday thinking I might fall but to my surprise its comfortable than I can ever imagine....I wear size 8.5 so I will say go for the right size...very comfortable..IF U LIKE THE SHOE U CAN GET IT FROM THE LINK BELOW

my handbag is also a gift:) Micheal Kors from Macy's

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