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Talking about my hair

Hello beautiful people, I have been so busy lately that's why I haven't posted any pics on the blog for so long. I will try my best to update the blog site once a cut the story short, this is my look for church this past Sunday

Talking about my hair....I tried to do faux lock on my hair....did couple of them at the back and I got I ended up leaving the braids like that 

 I purchased this shoes at just incase you cannot find it there check the wesites below.....before I forget the shoe is very comfortable to wear....I wear size 8.5 and it fitted perfectly so I will say go for your right shoe size

 or here


I bought this bag last year on ...they don't have it anymore on their website but you can buy it here on the link below 

 I bought this earring at SilverSpring Thrift store:) only for $2.99 definitely worth it (if you live in Maryland, USA) u can check out the store....thay have a lot of earrings


as for me, I'm not a Top person but I'm always in love with RiverIsland tops...check their website out

SKIRT - made by Bimluvcollections fb/IG


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